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Pastor Marianne will arrive in Cambridge City on Thursday afternoons. Her office hours will be on Fridays from 9-12 with visits and church work. She plans to do Saturday visits and church work. She plans to continue the Coffee/Conversation the 1st Saturday of the month.



Marianneís Message


I was raised in many different places and cultures, as my dad was a career military man. My family has a strong military presence, as nearly every male has served. Our family represents Army, Air Force, Marines and Navy. I lived in Indiana until I was four, then in California, Hawaii, North Carolina and Texas, before returning to Lebanon, Indi-ana at age 14. I graduated from Lebanon High School in 1970 and over the years obtained degrees in Business Management and Professional Accounting. I am currently winding down on the 10-year Course of Study for Licensed Local Pastors. I have 4 more classes. I was married in 1973 after a three month courtship, which includes a two month engagement. My husband and I were married nearly 41 years when he passed. I have been widowed for almost 7 years. We were blessed with 3 daughters, Natalie, Denise and Lori. Lori passed away from cancer age 17, after 2 bone marrow transplants. Natalie and Jeff are parents of Brittany, Sydney and Jared. They live in Green-wood. Denise and Ryan have Landon. They live close to Morristown. Brittany has Rylan who is 7 and Mason who is almost 3. She and Cody live in Greenfield. They will give me another great-grandson in September. I currently live in Mo-hawk, where I own my home. We bought our first home down the street. We moved to town as the girls got older and returned to Mohawk in 1996. I received my call into the ministry in 2001, as I was recuperating from a very difficult surgery. At least, that is when I HEARD the call. I really believe God was calling me back in high school, but I just wasnít listening. I have served at West Newton UMC as an interim and was appointed to Charlottesville UMC in 2013. I am ex-cited to begin a new journey with all of you as we follow the path God has laid out for us. I am always available to speak with any of you at any time. My cell number is 317-459-5322.

Peace, Pastor Marianne

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